Petition: Abandon the Failed Synod!

Please sign this important petition and circulate as widely as possible.


Esteemed Synod Fathers,

We thank you for your witness to and defense of the truth of Matrimony and Family proclaimed by the Church, in fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ. As the Ordinary Synod on the Family continues its work, confusion and scandal spread among the faithful. Catholics are concerned that some members of this body of apostolic successors, under the guidance of the Pope, are seeking to endorse homosexual relationships, effectively question the indissolubility of marriage, and permit the distribution of the Holy Eucharist to the unrepentant.

The current Instrumentum Laboris contains language in certain sections (§ 122 (52); §§ 124-125 (53); §§ 130-132 (55-56)) that is completely unacceptable from an orthodox Catholic point of view regarding divorce and attempted remarriage, homosexuality, and contraception. We have witnessed with profound sorrow the ongoing development of this crisis, beginning with last year’s extraordinary session in October, 2014, making it difficult to have confidence in the outcome of the Synod.

The irregular changes to the rules governing the current synodal process practically assure that the existing Instrumentum Laboris will be largely adopted. This revised process also appears to reject openness, transparency, and collegiality, and the committee drafting the final document of the Synod seemingly rejects any substantive input from the Synod fathers. We note with regret that the highly visible and widely adopted filial appeals and open letters have not been acknowledged, and have produced no discernable amendment by the Synod organizers. Several high-ranking Cardinals have brought concerns to the Pope, only to have them summarily dismissed as unworthy of consideration – with unfair accusations against those who are legitimately concerned that their voices will not be heard.

We fear, evidenced by all of the above, that the Ordinary Synod will attempt to recommend changes in teaching and pastoral practice that are contrary to the Gospel of Christ and the constant teaching of the Church on the sacred mystery of Catholic marriage and the nature of human sexuality. This would pose a clear and present danger to souls.

The Code of Canon Law 212 §3 states that the Catholic faithful “have the right, indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to the sacred Pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church. They have the right also to make their views known to others of Christ’s faithful…”

Therefore, we faithfully request that each and every faithful Catholic bishop at the Synod, having made every effort to resist these attacks on Christ’s teaching, if its direction remains unaltered and those faithful voices remain unheard, do his sacred duty and publicly retire from any further participation in the Synod before its conclusion so as to prevent greater scandal and confusion.

Those bishops who remain as participants, accepting this process and its outcome, must certainly bear responsibility for whatever confusion and sin may result among the Catholic faithful from what would be the disastrous fruits of the Synod.

7 thoughts on “Petition: Abandon the Failed Synod!

    • For anyone who hasn’t been asleep these past 2 years, the Holy Father’s intentions are all too clear. And this petition is one tool that perhaps God might use to bring good out of this evil synod.


      • Blogmaster, Are you suggesting that you can read hearts, minds, intentions, and “tea leaves”? You have a right to your own opinion, but when you voice it you are accountable for it. Does this (the following) official report look like a failed Synod?

        Synod of bishops

        Small Groups Give Reports on Their Discussions of Part 2 of Instrumentum Laboris
        Synod Fathers Say Conversations on This Section Were Easier
        Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘D’
        “The Instrumentum Laboris nowhere defines marriage. This is a serious defect. It causes ambiguity throughout the text. Most bishops agreed that the document should add the definition of marriage from Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes 48, as a correction”
        Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘C’
        “There are certainly points of convergence, arising from our shared sense of God’s plan which is inscribed in creation and which comes to its fullness in Christ crucified and risen, as proclaimed by the Church. But the different ways in which that mystery takes flesh in different parts of the world make it challenging to balance the local and the universal”
        Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘B’
        “A renewed and deeper reflection on the theology of marriage should be one of the fruits of the Synod”
        Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘A’
        “While the sense of the word ‘vocation’ is clear when applied to the priesthood, more clarity is needed when we talk about the phrase ‘vocation to the married life.’ We must recognize that the family itself also has a vocation”
        Cardinal Nichols Says No Stalemate at Synod
        At Synod Briefing, Says We Are a Family With Some Differences of Opinion, But No Negativity
        SOURCE: Zenit



  1. Hi Jeff, I am unfortunately woefully ignorant of much that has gone on “politically” within the Church. I see and hear some things but do not have time to delve deeply as duty leaves me little time for anything else. I, however, am firmly convinced that God is in control. The headlines that I glance at certainly speak of much trouble and dissension, but I think talk of “abandoning” the process, as flawed as it may appear, adds only to the confusion to the typical layman and provides more fodder for those who are not Catholic — how ridiculous all this infighting must be to them. If the Synod fails, by whomever’s account, then I can only repeat what is said of the First Fall — and of my own numerous personal falls — “O happy fault!” — because that allows my Good and Merciful God to come in ever greater glory (can that be possible!!!) to retrieve us from the deeper hole that we seem to enjoy digging. Yes, concern for my beautiful church is certainly in my heart, but so is this wonderful anticipation to see how God will bring about His will. He is so full of pleasant surprises! It is an exciting time to be in the Church — such chaos — such refining, right? God’s will be done! And bless you for your genuine concern for Holy Mother the Church. Pax!


    • Hi Janice. Thank you for your comment, which was thoughtful and full of Christian charity as always. I have a couple of thoughts in response. Certainly God is in control and we can trust that He will triumph over His enemies. But we are not excused from doing our best to prevent evil or to minimize its harm. God does bring good out of evil, and “O happy fault!” is a fitting poetic response to His mercy, but in truth, one should regret deeply that God has been offended, whether by our own sins or those of others. I don’t mean to say that you or anyone else has a moral obligation to sign this petition. It may or may not be the most prudent of acts. But Our Lord is being so miserably treated now that I cannot be silent. This evil Synod, totally orchestrated and manipulated by Pope Francis, has been full of scandal from its inception. Do you know what the most shocking thing is that I have heard so far? Panamanian Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, made a cardinal by Francis, and head of the Panamanian bishop’s conference, in arguing for the acceptance of divorce, had this to say: “Moses drew near to the people and gave way. Likewise today, the ‘hardness of hearts’ opposes God’s plan. Could Peter not be merciful like Moses?” Could Peter not be merciful like Moses!!!! What is this but the ultimate betrayal of Jesus Christ! Not to mention thousands of faithful Catholics who have stayed true to their marriage vows under the most extreme hardships. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And it all goes back to the pope. The pope. This pope is attacking your marriage, your Church, your Jesus. You should be angry. I agree that this Catholic infighting must look pathetic to outsiders. And it is pathetic. I converted to the Catholic Faith in the midst of the priest-abuse scandals, with full knowledge of the worst of the worst. In a certain sense the openness of the Church was another argument in her favor: the Catholic Church is not a secret society, but a dysfunctional Irish family with dirty laundry all over the yard. ;-) No offense to the Irish, as I consider myself an honorary Irishman. :-) God bless you and yours, and please pray for us.


  2. We have a Conformational duty to stand and witness to the truth against all enemies in extra and ad extra.

    As one who is the same age as Israel, ABS never imagined he’d be saddled with a Pope and a Cross who it is difficult not to think of as an antiChrist but who clearly does not have the same faith as does ABS.

    Saint Vincent of Lerins taught us that such a trial as we are now facing is the way in which God tests us to see if we love Him.

    Silence/Quietism in the face of this execrable Papacy is neither virtuous or masculine.


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