Francis, the Vandal Pope


There is just no excuse for Catholics pretending anymore. Pope Francis is a vandal – a man who so viscerally dislikes his own religion that he wants it defaced and disfigured beyond recognition. Jesus Christ is permitting this for our purification, as a test of our faith and love for Him. Furthermore we can be assured that Francis will not triumph ultimately: the holy Catholic Faith will survive until the end of time, and indeed will arise from the ashes in which we find it today. In the meantime, though, good men have an obligation to face reality and to oppose this destruction to the best of their abilities. Christopher Ferrara is to the point in his latest essay, “Vandals in Rome: Will They Sack Christian Marriage?”

Francis pays lip service to what he pointedly describes as the “the principle of the indissolubility of the matrimonial bond” (Mitis, Preface) while making it all but a dead letter in practice. But that is what Modernists always do: affirm what they deny while denying what they affirm. And Francis is a Modernist. Full stop. There, I’ve said it. We all know it, of course, but the time has come to declare it openly and explicitly so that as many other members of the faithful as possible may awaken to the clear and present danger this dictatorial, megalomaniacal visionary poses to the Church.

3 thoughts on “Francis, the Vandal Pope

  1. More and more writers and bloggers are coming to the same conclusion about our current Pope. He has done very little to promote the Social Kingship of Christ, but works non-stop to promote Francis-ism and Modernism. He appears to throw bones with very little meat to assuage the Faithful and while they gnaw on those, he surrounds them with the fences of Modernity.

    He and certain Cardinals and Bishops are playing with Heavenly Fire which is destined to blow-back into their faces if they persist in their belief that they know better than the Triune God.


  2. I don’t know if this has any relevance to what’s going on but 2 Timothy 3:5 keeps popping into my mind:

    “….holding the form of religion but denying the power of it”


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