The “Francis Effect” explained

Alarm is continuing to spread throughout the Church over the pontificate of Pope Francis. This is one of the most thorough presentations I have seen to date, from Fr. Linus Clovis at a pro-life conference in Rome last week. Sober, direct, but charitable and non-hysterical. It’s worth your time.

For those who prefer the written word, Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive has transcribed some of Fr. Clovis’ remarks here.


4 thoughts on “The “Francis Effect” explained

  1. I watched about half and then had to leave, so I’ll resume listening today. This priest was very good. Although my evangelical Protestant friends don’t say as much, “Alarm” at Francis’s views is spreading there too. For what it’s worth.

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  2. I think your use of the words “alarm” and “spread” are a bit exaggerated. It’s only happening on a few nutty sites like this


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