When you need to “get out of Dodge”

We recently made some changes in our family vehicles, trading in our 12 passenger van for a Dodge Grand Caravan; trading in the GMC Canyon for a Ford Taurus for the older children to drive at college; and purchasing a Chevrolet Suburban to replace the big van and serve as my work vehicle.

Due to the Suburban’s many excellent features (8 passengers, 4WD, adequate storage, smooth handling, 31 gallon fuel tank, etc.) I have referred to it several times as our “get out of Dodge vehicle” should we ever need to flee in the middle of the night as refugees in the direction of, say, Modoc County in mid-winter during a blizzard. Everyone would fit, including some food and clothing and maybe even a fiddle or two.

My dear wife, who speaks excellent English but is still unfamiliar with some English idioms, thought I meant “get out of the Dodge Grand Caravan” when I referred to our “get out of Dodge vehicle” … until an associate of hers at the pharmacy explained the saying’s hazy origin with Dodge City, Kansas and its legendary assistant marshal, Wyatt Earp.

11 thoughts on “When you need to “get out of Dodge”

  1. Jeff,
    With the new baby coming, we have to add a 4th row seat to our passenger van. I looked at the Suburbans and Yukons but they are just too much money for us. However, if you can afford one, they do have a 9-passenger option and there’s a company that sells 4th row seats for them: http://www.littlepassengerseats.com/
    So you could seat up to 12 in a Suburban/Yukon XL.


  2. We have the Yukon XL and love it. I don’t think my wife will tolerate a family vehicle without 4WD from now on. It’s a gas guzzler, but the power, safety and reliability are worth it. Definitely a good bugout machine.

    And thanks, Bruce, for the link to Little Passenger Seats!


  3. Dale, the Suburbans/Yukons definitely spoil you. Now I don’t think my wife or kids will tolerate the bumpy back seat rides of a full size van anymore. I will admit that it’s nice, as the driver, not to hear all the complaining back there.


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