Who is this beatified philosopher admired by Pope Francis?

Does anyone know who the pope is talking about in this morning’s homily?

“Also many philosophers of the Church have been persecuted. I think of one, right now, in this moment, not so far from us, a man of good will, a true prophet, who with his books reproached the Church for straying from the path of the Lord,” the Pope recalled.

“He was summoned quickly, his books were put on the index [blacklisted], they removed him from his seat and thus this man’s life ends — not too long ago. Some time has passed and today he is beatified! How is it that yesterday he was a heretic and today he is beatified? It is because yesterday those who had the power wanted to silence him, because they did not like what he said. Today the Church, that gives thanks to God and knows how to repent, says: ‘No, this man is good’. Even more, he is on the road to sainthood: he is beatified!”

Apparently he is a recent figure “not so far from us” who died “not long ago”; he “reproached the Church” with his books; his books were placed on the Index; he was condemned or censured for heresy; he was removed from an important position; and today he is beatified and “on the road to sainthood”.

Who is this man? I honestly have no idea.


7 thoughts on “Who is this beatified philosopher admired by Pope Francis?

  1. I agree I think it is Rosmini. His Five Wounds of the Church is what really irked many back in the day. If it was indeed he of whom the Holy Father was thinking it is highly ironic in that Rosmini is frequently cited in Iota Unum.


  2. It seems that Pope Francis admires Rosmini (if it is indeed him) less for what he objectively taught, and more for his perceived status as a “dissenter” (which, in the end, he was not) in his day.


  3. In one sense, it doesn’t matter who the man is. The ideological POINT of the homily is to perpetuate his long-game strategy of unsettling “doctrinal security” (cf. rules 5, 9, and 11). Notice how the pope effectively puts inspection by the CDF on the same footing as persecution of Christians throughout the world. Likewise, notice how he thanks God that the Church of “today”, unlike the Church of the “past”, can “repent” of holy-card dogmatism. I wonder what repentance he is hoping for in October?

    He pulled the same schtick last October (!) when he, yet again, demonized his critics as Pharisees, Pelagians, or whatever the bon mot du jour was at the time.

    In any event, it probably is Rosmini that he has in mind, which is ironic, since Rosmini piously submitted to the CDF and died as an obedient son of the teaching Church, not as a doctrinaire prophet outside Her walls. What’s next, a feast day for Giordano Bruno?

    When will this outrageous farce ever end?


  4. What Elliot said. I also think this is battlespace preparation for the Synod. Given the hard pushback Kasper received for his destructive proposal, I think the Pope is trying to soften the resistance with commentary such as this.


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