Collins Lake

My middle son joined me for a day on Collins Lake. I was a little nervous letting him drive the boat, but he did a great job and put the old man at ease. The scenery, the wildlife, and the quiet waters were a welcome respite from the “big city” bustle of Chico. We’re both burnt to a crisp. His burn will turn into a tan, he assured me. Mine will turn into cancer. Don’t ask how the fishing went … this was only a trial run!





3 thoughts on “Collins Lake

  1. I took four of the kids fishing Saturday night. The baby (2 years old now) thinks fishing poles are for sword fighting/fencing. He also managed to fall into the lake and he threw one of his sisters shoes in. My four year old son and eight year old daughter had more fun using the dip net to catch critters.


  2. Sounds like a good time, Bruce! Were the critters edible? Your 2 year old boy sounds pretty normal: everything doubles as a sword. Mine is just learning that his fiddle bow is not a sword.


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