Liturgical History and the Novus Ordo

Most Catholics today are unaware of the degree to which the Novus Ordo Missae departs from Catholic tradition. This relatively brief but thorough analysis, written by a college freshman I happen to know with a keen mind for all things liturgical, demonstrates how the Novus Ordo represents a profound rupture with our liturgical heritage. This jarring discontinuity pertains to virtually every aspect of Catholic liturgical tradition, extending even to the once untouchable canon itself, and involves significant departures from the spiritual and doctrinal emphases long conveyed by the liturgies of the Church. Do give it a read.


4 thoughts on “Liturgical History and the Novus Ordo

  1. Dear Mr. Culbreath. Fr. F wrote about major changes in the Canon

    and most soi disant traditionalists are jake with a great centralising Encyclical, Mediator Dei, and so appeals to Tradition in opposition to the Normative Mass have to deal with that enormous fact which, in essence, places within Tradition the reality that the Pope has the authority and power to do whatever’n’hell he desires with the Mass.

    I read a great six post series on the Liturgy at Rad Trad and it is a series that will likely make you think differently about the Mass and especially whether or not it really was – as it is claimed – a blessing for any Christian Catholic in the world to travel to foreign lands and hear Mass in Latin.


  2. Dear Rad Trad.. Thanks. Sorry I forgot to include that link also. I am one know-it-all who has been learnt a ton of valuable information at your great Blog and you are well aware of how much all of your readers miss you.

    Pax tecum and may God be with you in al that you do.


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