Cardinal Burke: EG “not a part of the papal magisterium”

This is a revealing interview with one of the best prelates in Rome today. Note Cardinal Burke’s tangible discomfort in discussing certain topics, the kind of discomfort exhibited by men who are reluctantly constrained by their own honesty. The most important statement of the interview is that Evangelii Gaudium is not, in his opinion, intended to be “a part of the papal magisterium”, which he repeats emphatically, as if to reassure the Catholic world. The interview begins at around 9:00 minutes.

HT: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


9 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke: EG “not a part of the papal magisterium”

  1. Cardinal Burke has been fired from the Congregation for Bishops, which essentially screens the appointment of bishops worldwide. He, along with a few other orthodox bishops who were also dismissed, have been replaced by Francis clones like Cardinal Wuerl. But so far he’s still the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, or the highest court in the Church. We’ll see how long that lasts!


  2. Over at NR, K. Lopez runs PR for Wuerl, telling us how on fire with the Holy Spirit he’s been lately, and not at all a moderate. (Nothing Francis does can be questioned, by her lights.) But I thought I remembered him having something to do with that priest who denied communion to a lesbian. Maybe I misremember. I don’t keep up with Church news the way I ought to. But I know I’ve run into plenty of discontent with Wuerl at various places, just don’t remember the specifics.


  3. That article sums it up nicely, Bill. And you aren’t misremembering. Wuerl was the bishop who revoked the faculties of a good priest who had the courage to defend the Blessed Sacrament from sacrilege.


  4. The Pope took the correct action with Cardinal Burke who really wanted the last(Francis)Pope position. I think he should send Cardinal Burke packing also. His next assignment should be Parish Priest of St. Stanislous Church in St. Louis Missouri. He can undo all the negitive actions he applied to the Parish Parishioners Excommunication / Supression.
    He should alo read Black’s Law Dictionary and the 10 Commandments in lieu of Cannon Law. To “use Official Positions
    to take treasures he dont own from another” is both a sin and broken civil laws. But I dont think, he thinks, they apply to him. What a Lawyer.


  5. Say what you want but Pope Francis has done the correct thing with Cardinal Burke. Sensure would be better if he is allowed to remain at the Vatican, The Pope should be advised to send this Cardinal back to St louis as a working Priest with dutiest to undo all the pain and suffering he applied to all the Parishioners at St Stanislous Church and return that church back to the Roman Catholic fold.


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