An Introduction to Thomas Aquinas College – new video

We speak with our TAC children almost weekly, and by all accounts they are loving the experience so far. The classes and discussions are stimulating for both of them, and the school’s rigorous curriculum takes up the majority of their time. They like their sections and their tutors. They are taking advantage of the incredible spiritual life available to them. But they are also making friends and participating in extra-curricular activities – music groups, dances, pro-life activity, and so forth. Already I can hear more confidence and maturity in their voices.

Recently after Mass on Sunday I was able to catch up with a gentleman, about my age, who graduated from TAC in the early years. He mentioned how difficult it was coming home to his family for extended periods because “the conversations just couldn’t measure up” to those he had every day on campus. I suppose that would be a bit of an adjustment. TAC is going to be a hard act to follow during the holidays!

I have always appreciated how the college markets itself. It’s a serious place for serious students, and the school’s promotional work is truth-in-advertising. TAC’s new introduction video adheres to the same high standard.

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