5 thoughts on “Mendelssohn and my favorite violinist

  1. Love Mendelssohn. She sounds like a genius to me, but what do I know? I don’t understand how she remains so calm, placid, and remembers all that music from start to finish. Hard to believe I used to see pictures of her as a little girl.


  2. Thank you all for the kind words for Daughter #1. I never appreciated Mendelssohn until my children began to play his compositions. This piece in particular really grows on you.

    Bill – it’s hard to believe you and I are such old timers in the Catholic blogosphere! :-)

    Jim – a relationship between Mendelssohn and Robin Hood is not something I would ever have imagined, but it does seem to fit … especially here at New Sherwood. Do you still have that record?


    • I think my mother still has it. We have a cassette recording of it that we would take on long trips in the car. Lori would complain that I would be distracted and listen to the tape instead of talking to her-even though I had heard it hundreds of times.


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