A Foretaste of Wisdom

My eldest son has a new blog – A Foretaste of Wisdom. The title is rather modest, for at this blog you will find plenty of uncommon wisdom indeed. This is where he posts the gems he finds in his spiritual, theological, and philosophical reading, along with personal reflections on topics of interest. Recent entries include Divine Intimacy – HumiliationsTwo Forms of Pride, Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata: Ich Habe Genug, and Interior Trials in the Spiritual Life. But nevermind all that: the blog is worth reading for sake of surfing the many worthy links in his sidebar. He invites my few remaining readers to visit and comment.

4 thoughts on “A Foretaste of Wisdom

  1. His sidebar says “violently opposed to most types of popular music.” Already he is showing more wisdom than most people of his generation, our generation, our parent’s generation, etc.
    You are blessed.


    • Thank you, Bill. I don’t disagree with any of that, except that I had little to do with it … trust me. God is working directly on this kid. Did I just say “kid”? The young fellow turned 18 on Sunday. I’m not the only man in the house anymore … somehow that’s a comforting thought.


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