How to ask your father for kittens

My girls wrote the book, apparently. Here’s their account of the whole affair: Kittens!!!

This nectarine pie was accompanied by the following heartfelt notes:

1. “MY dear father: PLEASE dady get us the kittin. – 4 y/o daugher

(Hmmm, this looks mighty suspicious. She writes a little too well for a four year old!)

2. “Dad PLEAS Let us get a kittin! i mean, its free, we (the kids) will take care of it. and you don’t have to help with it if you dont want to. pleas say yes. – 9 y/o daughter

3. “Dear Dad, May we please have a kitten? Hope you like the pie. Yours truly, Three daughters, one son, and a good friend.

So far, the “free” kitten has only cost $22.80 for cat food and kitty litter. And that very night I had a dream about kittens …. wonder what else they put in that pie.