TAC Summer Program

My two oldest progeny have returned from the two-week Summer Program at Thomas Aquinas College with incredible enthusiasm. One of the many highlights of their experience was the student-led choir in which they both participated, apparently a first for the program. The choir sang for the Ordinary Form Mass at 11:30am every morning. Here they are pictured in the loft of the magnificent Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity chapel.


2 thoughts on “TAC Summer Program

  1. Jeff:

    I noticed you have written a few posts on Thomas Aquinas College. I’m curious: do you have any thoughts about, or experiences with, Hillsdale College? Though it isn’t Catholic, I have heard some really good things about it from other Catholic friends. As well, I was told by a FOCUS missionary who attended Hillsdale that the college that the campus community is over 60% Catholic.


  2. Hello Frank,

    I don’t know that much about Hillsdale. I do know one graduate, who is an impressive fellow, and a Catholic. My sense is that the college has a political edge, but I could be wrong.


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