It’s about time! Catholic Health Insurance

This is very good news – Catholic HealthShare Plan Announced in Response to HHS Mandsate:

“This plan addresses many of the concerns held by Catholics about current healthcare legislation, and the HHS mandate in particular,” said Dr. John C. Oertle, president. “It allows Catholics of conscience a means to ensure that their healthcare costs are not contributing to abortion and other services that violate their deeply held beliefs.”

Key features of the healthshare plan include: 

  •     Provides a way for people to receive medical coverage while not participating in the HHS mandate providing abortion, sterilization, and contraceptive services.
  •     Is a cost-effective plan utilizing monthly contributions wherein members provide for the healthcare needs of other members.
  •     Cost control is achieved by directing a greater percentage of monthly fees toward medical costs vs. traditional healthcare plans, and by capping payouts to fees collected by all members.

 Key benefits include: 

  •     No denial for pre-existing conditions
  •     Maternity coverage
  •     Personal choice of medical provider
  •     Alignment with the Catholic bishops’ position on abortion and contraceptive services

Excellent, but long overdue. Of course the legal uncertainties loom very large and will doubtless interfere with the plan’s success.

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