The man who would be king?

The Father of our country, George Washington, refused the suggestion of being America’s first monarch, and in any case he is believed to have been childless. However, his older brother Samuel has abundant progeny, and according to certain laws of monarchial legitimacy which I don’t quite understand, Samuel’s fifth generation descendant Paul Emery Washington of San Antonio, Texas, would be today’s rightful American king had George Washington accepted the venerable office.

“Of the 200 men that carry the Washington name, though, Paul Emery is the end result of two lines—a very rare possibility that makes him the likely heir. 

That’s a concept that Paul would rather not think about. ‘I doubt if I’d be a very good king,’ he says. ‘We’ve done so well as a country without a king, so I think George made the best decision.’ His family, which includes three sons and one daughter, are fifth-generation descendants of George’s oldest brother, Samuel. But Paul would’ve been the ninth or tenth king of America depending on which of the lines you follow.”

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