7 thoughts on “For Greater Glory: The True Story of the Cristeros

  1. I saw the film this evening with my three oldest children. It didn’t disappoint. An unforgettable production destined to be a classic. However, please take my advice: don’t see this in the theatre, especially not with children or young people. Before the film begins you’ll be forced to sit through 15 minutes of filth and obscenity from the pit of hell itself – the previews. Wait for the DVD.


  2. Well, these were R-rated previews because, I suppose, it’s an R-rated film. I really should have known better, but we go to theater so seldom I didn’t realize they would be showing R-rated previews. Some parents I know (hi Lena!) get there early, save their seats somehow, and wait outside until the previews are over. Sounds like that could work, except I hate the idea of supporting theaters who who do this sort of thing.


  3. After I wrote that comment, I discovered it was an R-rated movie, and I was actually coming back to say, “Ah, that was why the previews were so bad, because the movie was R-rated, so the previews could be as well.” I never thought the previews that were supposedly approved for all audiences were all that great anyway. There was often a feeling that something really bad was just about to cross the screen, and they had a sleazy or creepy feeling to them. This was when I went to see the Lord of the Rings, which I think was rated PG-13. But I would think previews to an R-rated movie would be absolutely horrible.


  4. And aside from the repugnant filth of the previews, there’s the noise. The worse the movie, the louder the noise that goes with it.

    Our oldest son and I just returned a few minutes ago from seeing For Greater Glory in one of the two theaters in central Illinois that’s showing it. Now that I’ve seen it, Mr Culbreath, I seem to remember you posting a few years ago about how to distinguish between Mexican restaurants that should be supported and ones that shouldn’t. The tell in the former case was pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe; what was the tell for the latter restaurants?


  5. Yes, good point about the volume. I suppose that’s meant to break through the earplugs you might be sneaking in.

    I probably mentioned avoiding restaurants with pictures of the anti-Catholic mass-murdering revolutionary villain Pancho Villa, but I have since noticed that some restaurants combine his picture with sacred Catholic art, so I doubt the proprieters know the truth about him.

    (Please call me Jeff as a token of 7+ years of online friendship!)


  6. Thanks! I’ll be on the lookout when we hit Mexican places. And thanks for your generosity, Jeff! (An old high school friend of mine gets a bit annoyed when I refer to him as “Mr. Largent” when speaking about him to our kids.)


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