A new chapter

Some big family changes have been in the works for several months now: we’re moving. To the city. By which I mean a regular city lot in the heart of nearby Chico. It’s probably the end of our rural, agrarian lifestyle as a family – but our enthusiasm had been waning for the last couple of years anyway. The cost of operating what amounts to a “hobby farm” isn’t cheap, and I haven’t been able to justify spending more money to keep things going.

By moving to Chico we’ll be 5 to 7 minutes away from everything we do as opposed to 25 to 30 minutes away from everything. We’ll be free to go home between appointments, lessons, meetings, rehearsals, and concerts rather than killing time because it’s too far to drive to Orland and back. We’ll be able to visit relatives more freely, and to participate more at church. We’ll be more accessible to our nearest social network. By reducing our time behind the wheel we’ll add at least ten full days of discretionary time every year. Ten days! And those are waking hours. That represents a lot of lost productivity.

The children, too, are so busy with school and other activities that they don’t really have the time to enjoy life in the country. Their home school curriculum is pretty demanding. Music takes up the majority of their “free” time. Allergies prevent the boys from working outside much anymore (we’re getting that taken care of but it’s going to be years).

And it will be nice to have a stable internet connection again. :-)

Still, I’m going to miss it terribly. We have some great memories here.

The Mean Dad Blues

I recently found two handwritten notes on my desk.

The First Note

Dad, can we go Swimming at nanas hous right now? or if not. take us shopping to buy a water slide? PLEEEAS?

– Amanda + ANNIE

The Second Note

iF you do the last Reqest, then you will be a nice dad, but if you dont then you will be considered MEAN!

Still can’t believe I said “no” to a face like this …