My two oldest children have started a group blog along with one of their friends – Saints in Training. I once swore I would never let my children near the internet, much less start a blog, but I’m getting soft in my old age. And yes, I’m insanely proud of them, but don’t tell them that. Got to keep ’em humble.


Theodore seems to be doing well. We had another scare a couple of weeks back, but I’ll spare you the details. On Sunday he completed the rite of baptism in church, wearing a baptismal gown handmade by my Danish great-grandmother, in which my grandmother, mother, myself, and my other children all received the first sacrament. He is pictured with his Godparents and Fr. L. below:






4 thoughts on “Children

  1. . . .and what a happy surprise to see that it is Fr John of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary who baptized your son. He was my confessor when he was stationed down here in the southern part of the state. And greatly missed, too. And not only by me. You are greatly blessed.

    -John C.-


  2. Great to “see” you, John! I think yours has to be the oldest blog on my blogroll. :-)

    Yes, we are incredibly blessed with Fr. L. He’s a saintly priest, and I don’t use the “s” word lightly. Unfortunately we are two hours from St. Stephen’s and don’t see nearly enough of him. I’m offline for the remainder of Passiontide … a joyous Easter to you and yours.


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