Music Then and Now


2 thoughts on “Music Then and Now

  1. That’s an easy one – they’re both singing sentimental songs that speak to people with the average amount of emotional development in the times that they were written (slightly sappy but adult in the first, 20/30-year old toddlers in the second).

    If your parish can afford it, you could have our Chapelmaster come out and give his 1 day conference on the development (and devolution) of Catholic music. It’s eyeopening how the relationship between sacred and secular music occurred, and how the former began to ape the latter and completely self-destruct.


  2. Hello Nicholas. Thanks for this comment, and you won’t get any argument from me. How much does your chapelmaster charge? Our local parish isn’t interested (guaranteed), but the nearest FSSP parish might be.

    Interesting news out of Canada these days. Hope all is well. Plan on emigrating?


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