Theo’s progress

Little Theodore is making great progress! His breathing rate is down where it needs to be with minimal supplemental oxygen. They are hoping to remove his oxygen tomorrow. Your prayers mean everything. LeXuan was allowed to hold her baby for the first time today.

11 thoughts on “Theo’s progress

  1. “LeXuan was allowed to hold her baby for the first time today.”

    yes, that must have been tough. I’m sure she’ll smother him in love to make up for time lost. And that, of course, is a very very good thing.


  2. Deo gratias!
    Mom, baby, and family have been in our prayers.
    I know, all too well, the heart pains of a mom who can not embrace their beloved baby.

    Pax, lena and family


  3. Oxygen, IV tubes, feeding tube removed!

    Lena, I’ve been reading your lovely blog. My kids say you’re a St. Stephen’s family. Hope to meet you all soon!


  4. Thanks Lydia. Docs say maybe he can come home next week. I’m more worried about my wife at this point …. she needs to be home just as badly.


  5. That’s hard, especially since it sounds like it’s not an easy commute to the hospital. When my middle daughter was born, she had to be in the hospital for a week with an NG tube because she was too sleepy to eat. I opted to come home when I was discharged and to go up and spend time with her during the day but sleep in my own bed at night. The hospital is right here in town. I really needed that for recovery. Unfortunately her birth was immediately followed by a major blizzard, and I wasn’t able to go to see her as much as I had expected. Major roads in town were even closed. Very difficult. I still think it was the right decision to come home and recover better, but it’s hard to know if one’s doing the right thing at the time.


  6. Thanks much, Dale. I think it was Hilary White who said that, some day, 50% of Americans will be named Price or Culbreath. :-) (Well, I paraphrase, and anyway I happen to know quite a few families who far outpace the Culbreaths.)


  7. Lydia, I’m not about to second guess your decision, or anybody else’s, under such trying circumstances! Your recovery was as important for your baby as it was for you. LeXuan was fortunate in that some acquaintances from our former parish, who live in the area, offered us their spare room free of charge. No – they MADE a spare room for us, free of charge. The Body of Christ. Also, this hospital had special apartments for the relatives of patients – intended for cancer patients but extended to new mothers when there is vacancy – offered at just $25 per night. We jumped at it as soon as there was a vacancy. This information came to us by means of a hospital social worker. I have a new respect for hospital social workers. :-)


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