Welcome, Theodore!

Our beautiful son, Theodore Andrew Culbreath, was born yesterday morning five weeks early via C-section.  He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and seems strong and feisty, but has a condition called pulmonary hypertension which is potentially dangerous. Last night he was flown to Sacramento for treatment. Unable to locate a priest in time, I baptized him last night in the neo-natal ICU. His mother is recovering well but is naturally worried about her baby. We are told that most of these cases resolve with happy outcomes. Still, if you can spare a prayer or two, we’d be grateful!

10 thoughts on “Welcome, Theodore!

  1. Lydia and Bill: Sincere thanks to you both. He’s doing OK, we think, no regression but no improvement yet either. They’re saying we should expect him to be hospitalized for several weeks. I’m pleased with the folks who are taking care of him. He’s a fighter. Here’s an article about his condition: http://www.childrenscolorado.org/wellness/info/parents/20830.aspx

    Life is suddenly very complicated ,,, one day at a time. Thanks again, friends,


  2. Thank you, Beth, and “amen”. We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers.

    Theo is doing a little better today … breathing a little easier, with reduced supplemental oxygen. Developing more jaundice, however. Overall a good day so far.


  3. Dear Jeff,

    I just happened to check in at Lydia’s FB page to see what trouble she was causing and saw her comment asking for prayer.

    Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of Theodore Andrew. I pray his little body would settle down soon and all would be well.

    Thank the Lord for good doctors and nurses.


  4. Gina, thank you for the congrats and prayers. Indeed we are fortunate that he has such competent and devoted caregivers.

    And to Lydia: special thanks for your FB prayer request! We really appreciate that!

    Theo’s doing much better today. LeXuan was discharged yesterday and is now blissfully re-united with her baby.


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