A Single Term, Ten Year Presidency

Think about it. A single term, ten year presidency would be a tremendous benefit to the country. The president, once elected, could devote his full attention to governing rather than running for re-election.  Among other advantages, this would re-direct more than one billion dollars – the total spent by all candidates in a presidential campaign every four years – from campaign expenditures to potential investment in the economy. The president would be less a captive of his political party and more free to build coalitions. Many of our social and economic problems require long-term solutions and short-term sacrifices: a single, ten year term would allow the president to implement long-term policies that may be unpopular in the beginning but ultimately best for the nation. It would also provide a sense of stability, predictability, and familiarity to our political life, which is presently much too chaotic. Foreign nations, too, would find American policies more intelligible and less volatile.  Americans would choose their presidents more carefully, knowing they would be “stuck” with the same man for ten years, the only remedy being impeachment.


3 thoughts on “A Single Term, Ten Year Presidency

  1. Ron, thanks much for the comment. I was actually thinking 12 years, but decided 10 would be an easier number to sell. :-) I’ve added you to the blogroll.


    • Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I’ve done the same for you. Yes, 12 years would be way to long; can you imagine Obama in for 12 years? We might end up with him for 8 in any case, but that’s all it will be.



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