Plain Catholic in the Mountains

I’d like to bring your attention to a fine blog by the name of Plain Catholic in the Mountains:

“My husband and I live a Plain and Prayerful life on a wee farm in the mountains. We attend Mass, read, garden, raise bees for honey, raise chickens, do carpentry, write, volunteer and most importantly Praise Our Lord Jesus for His Mercy, Love and Care for us through the Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio Divina and Scripture study. We hope to raise more farm animals such as heritage breeds if God wills it.”

3 thoughts on “Plain Catholic in the Mountains

  1. I just happened upon Plain Catholic in the Mountains a few weeks ago, and after not dropping by Stony Creek in a long while, what a surprise to find it at the top of your page!


  2. Thank you for your blog and may your little farm be a great comfort to you. There is something about working with the soil and growing fruit, herbs and vegetables the way nature intended that brings a quiet satisfaction. I love my little farm, and enjoy the time working rhythmically with the seasons and falling in with nature. So much better to work with nature than against it!


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