St. Stephen Academy Will Close

Some of my readers have been interested in the progress of St. Stephen Academy, a classical liberal arts secondary school affiliated with St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish in Sacramento. I have reported on the Academy in the past and even asked my readers for donations. For reasons that remain something of a mystery to me, the Academy will close at the end of this school year. If you are someone who responded with prayers or a donation, rest assured that many students have benefited enormously from their short time at the Academy.

Some very good families are now scrambling to find alternatives. In addition, the teachers and staff have been thrust into unemployment in a very difficult economy. Some members of the faculty moved across the country to teach here. They could all use your prayers.


4 thoughts on “St. Stephen Academy Will Close

  1. That is sad news. I wonder if it had to do with the poor economy. Other than Kolbe, what options are there for a ‘classical’ liberal education in N. California? I don’t know of any.


  2. As I understand it the school was in decent shape finacially. The reason given for closing the school was that it was too much stress on the priests running both the school and also taking care of a large parish. Fr. Berg was unable to send a 4th priest to help out at this time as many apostolates are growing tremendously and many priests are all alone and need help. Pray for vocations and that the seminarians will be able to complete their studies.


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