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How would you answer this question?

Statement: ” I always accomplish the goals I set for myself.”

Choose the answer that is most true:

1. Strongly agree

2. Somewhat agree

3. Unsure

4. Somewhat disagree

5. Strongly disagree

The “most true” answer for 99% of humanity is, of course, #5. That is because the word “always” makes the statement impossible for anyone who bothers to set ambitious goals for himself on a regular basis. The statement is absolutely false in my case. I do NOT “always accomplish the goals I set for myself”. But … woe to him who answers truthfully!

I have been taking online personality assessments full of poorly-worded and ambiguous questions like this. I think I marked #3 for this question, mainly because I knew the employer didn’t want to see #4 or #5, but I couldn’t in good conscience mark #1 or #2. At the conclusion of this 45 minute quiz, I was thanked for taking the test and told that I need not worry about being called in for an interview.

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Rip-off Report

Dear Job Hunters,

If you’re looking at sales jobs, franchises, distributorships and business opportunities, the following website is your best friend:

Rip-off Report.

Bookmark it!

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Sandals & Fiddlebacks

HT: Steve Skojec

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Too old to be hired in the Philippines

Apparently, age discrimination is legal and very open in the Philippines. Check out these management positions:

Training Officer (HMO) – “Male or Female, 25 to 30 years of age”

Marketing Research Speciality (HMO) – “Male and Female, 22 to 28 years of age”

Branch Sales Development Specialist/Supervisor (Retail – Alabang) – “Male/Female, not more than 35 years old”

Contract Specialist – “Male or Female, 22 to 26 years of age”

HR Manager (Pharma) – “Male/Female, 30-40 years old”

Corporate Planning Officer – “preferably female, 26-25 years old”

Brand/Product Manager – “Male/Female, age limit is 35”

This makes me wonder whether American employers think the same way when reviewing applications.

Eye-opening …

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A beautiful idea for Lent

Facebook and Lenten forgiveness.

Perhaps not appropriate in every situation (see the comments to this article), but worth some prayerful consideration.

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