How would you answer this question?

Statement: ” I always accomplish the goals I set for myself.”

Choose the answer that is most true:

1. Strongly agree

2. Somewhat agree

3. Unsure

4. Somewhat disagree

5. Strongly disagree

The “most true” answer for 99% of humanity is, of course, #5. That is because the word “always” makes the statement impossible for anyone who bothers to set ambitious goals for himself on a regular basis. The statement is absolutely false in my case. I do NOT “always accomplish the goals I set for myself”. But … woe to him who answers truthfully!

I have been taking online personality assessments full of poorly-worded and ambiguous questions like this. I think I marked #3 for this question, mainly because I knew the employer didn’t want to see #4 or #5, but I couldn’t in good conscience mark #1 or #2. At the conclusion of this 45 minute quiz, I was thanked for taking the test and told that I need not worry about being called in for an interview.

Too old to be hired in the Philippines

Apparently, age discrimination is legal and very open in the Philippines. Check out these management positions:

Training Officer (HMO) – “Male or Female, 25 to 30 years of age”

Marketing Research Speciality (HMO) – “Male and Female, 22 to 28 years of age”

Branch Sales Development Specialist/Supervisor (Retail – Alabang) – “Male/Female, not more than 35 years old”

Contract Specialist – “Male or Female, 22 to 26 years of age”

HR Manager (Pharma) – “Male/Female, 30-40 years old”

Corporate Planning Officer – “preferably female, 26-25 years old”

Brand/Product Manager – “Male/Female, age limit is 35”

This makes me wonder whether American employers think the same way when reviewing applications.

Eye-opening …