Yew Piney Mountain

Played by Lester McCumbers of West Virginia. Haunting.


10 thoughts on “Yew Piney Mountain

  1. TWC: Your mother is right. I’d like to visit West Virginia someday.

    Bill: I don’t know of any recorded collections of music like this. We mostly hear this kind of thing live at jams and contests in the area. I’d like to have some recordings as well, and it’s worth doing a little research!


  2. Rounder Records is a good place to find traditional fiddle music, especially their North American Traditions Collection. County Records and Voyager Records are also good sources. Rounder has a strong focus on Kentucky/West Virginia Old Time music and Cape Breton Scottish fiddle music, while County leans toward Old Time music from Southern Appalachia, and Voyager has a lot of Missouri fiddle music and fiddlers from the Northwest. At any rate, they all have a lot of traditional music.

    Hope this is helpful!


  3. James, if your son is learning classical violin, he can certainly pick up traditional Irish fiddle! Our kids are learning both and belong to an Irish fiddle group that has been a lot of fun. My daughter prefers Irish fiddle to bluegrass, although she ends up playing more bluegrass and old-time fiddle due to the culture of our region.


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