SSPX house cleaning

I should admit it: I thought Rome’s clarification on the lifting of the excommunications was a little harsh. I suppose, in light of the media storm, it was good PR and had to be done. The good news is that nothing in the announcement indicated that Rome was doing anything other than proceeding according to plan. The doctrinal talks will be held. Let us hope that these talks will result in much greater clarity with respect to a proper interpretation of the Second Vatican Council.

Meanwhile, the SSPX is doing its part. An Italian priest of the Society has been expelled after giving an interview which, in a much more nuanced way, also seemed to cast doubt on the mainstream account of the holocaust. (Truly, I didn’t find his remarks scandalous at all, so I suspect there is an obedience issue behind the scenes.) And from the Williamsonites at Angelqueen, we learn that the SSPX website has suddenly removed several articles (see here and here) pertaining to the Jews which many perceived to be anti-Semitic. It seems that the SSPX leadership has resolved to “clean house” in preparation for reunion with Rome.


One thought on “SSPX house cleaning

  1. My head is spinning at the whirlwind pace of all of these developments. It all feels so strange from my present vantage-point, having been a Society loyalist for a score of years and now distanced therefrom for the last two. I hesitate to comment further than I already have on Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s and Dr. Brian Sudlow’s blogs, except to say: let those who are in a position to act do so, and let the rest of us watch and take it in. This is truly an ongoing story.

    The removal of those articles from the Society’s US Web site are certainly reflective of the suddenly changed ecclesio-political landscape; given these circumstances, this is not a development one should begrudge. I would only hope that in such discussions as are forthcoming, questions of Jewish issues in Catholic theology and two millenia of Jewish animosity towards the Church and Christendom are included and faced with courage and integrity.


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