What America can learn from England

Absurd, outrageous – and it can happen here.

(HT: Laudem Gloriae)


4 thoughts on “What America can learn from England

  1. That’s got to be a few years old now. I hope Tony Martin is free, but I don’t know. There was one time when, according to the news story I read several years ago, the parole board wouldn’t let him out because he wasn’t repentant for what he had done!

    It’s enough to make you go out and join the NRA post-haste.


  2. Thanks for putting this up. I put it on facebook for all to see. My dad has been saying this for years, because they banned guns in Australia, of all places, and sure enough, up went violent crime.
    I remember a family story about my great grandfather something something (probably Niemi), who came from Finland as soon as he got out of jail. Mom said he was defending himself, but in Finland at that time, that was still murder. I thought to myself, “Oh come on, he must have done something.” Now I think not.


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