Castles in the Air

This is a creative interpretation of Don McLean’s classic song by the Culbreaths of Orland – our first music video! Constructive criticism is welcome.


10 thoughts on “Castles in the Air

  1. Since I didn’t know the song, at the very beginning I felt sorry for the girl to whom he is saying goodbye. Only as the song goes on does it become clear that she is a rather hardened city type, that she wants him to go to cocktail parties, that he’s looking for a country wife, and so forth. Perhaps this is intentional. Maybe we’re just not supposed to get the fact that he has understandable reason for leaving her in the first verse of the song. But the pictures representing the girl at the beginning of the video make her look rather nice and combined with the words to make me feel that he was, perhaps, a jerk for abandoning her. I don’t know if you might want to consider picking a more hardened-looking girl for those early pics.

    I think the interpretation of “castle walls” and “castles in the air” as “city highrises” in your pictures is a clever gloss on the words. It may not have been what he intended, but it lends significance to the words.


  2. Lydia, you put your finger on the song’s biggest challenge! I actually found some mean, nasty, high-society “city girl” pictures at first – because that’s the image I wanted to portray for reasons of contrast – but my kids vetoed those. In truth the song seems unfair and indifferent to the girl he leaves behind.


  3. Jeff – loved the family photos and wish you would have lingered on them a bit longer. Especially the one of you and your wife. It brought tears to my eyes because it was so sweet. And the ones of your children are precious, esp. the ones in the field and lined up on the fence. You are blessed!


  4. Loved it… but having grown up on a farm myself, I was really concerned by the picture of the boy holding the back feet of the goat while his sister was milking. It looked to me like the feet were in perfect position to hit the boy in the face!!!!

    I’ve gotten too many cowkicks, I guess :)


  5. Yes, I did like it very much. Good work by the Culbreath family. I hope you’ll make more. Maybe your own version of Daisy a Day?

    I see the family photos are slowed down – even that little bit makes a difference. Still the misty eyes, you did it to me again, but also a chuckle at that cute goat in the first half, and the priest on the phone. Is he shushing the cows? :)


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