Confirmed: Excommunications Lifted!

From the indispensible Rorate Caeli:

“Based on the faculties expressly granted to me by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, in virtue of the present Decree, I remit from Bishops Bernard Fellay, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson, and Alfonso de Galarreta the censure of latae sententiae excommunication declared by this Congregation on July 1, 1988, while I declare deprived of any juridical effect, from the present date, the Decree emanated at that time.”

We have a truly courageous pope.

Much needed doctrinal talks will follow this Decree.  Let us hope the SSPX leadership, while preserving undefiled the Catholic Faith they have received, puts away all suspicion and mistrust with respect to the Holy Father’s intentions.


7 thoughts on “Confirmed: Excommunications Lifted!

  1. Let us know if/when you hear any official instructions as to the status of SSPX chapels. Is it now completely licit for any Catholic to attend Mass there? I want some official statement before doing anything with them.

    Likewise, is there any offical word as to the canonical status of the SSPX? Are they now “just another religious order”?


  2. Jeff – thanks for the link. Fortunately, we have an indult 1962 Mass at our local parish, so it’s not an issue. Mostly just curious in case I’m traveling, and in case friends ask — would be nice to know it’s a possibility.


  3. “I would not hesitate to attend an SSPX chapel if the only other options resembled my local parish.”

    Does that mean what it sounds like it means?


  4. Lydia, it only means that the atmosphere at my local parish is intolerable. (We don’t attend our local parish, but drive about 25 minutes to the nearest Latin Mass every Sunday.) What did you think it meant?


  5. That’s exactly what I thought it meant. But I was a little surprised, because many Catholics I know don’t feel that they are supposed to say that. In fact, some of them even think they’re obligated not to drive far, and so for them “my local parish” means “the parish I actually attend,” in which case they would be all the less likely to speak strongly against it.


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