Welcome to California’s Appalachia

So says one commenter to this story about a Catholic priest in Modesto who told Obama-voting parishioners that they needed to go to confession before receiving communion.

“California’s Appalachia”. That isn’t the first time I have seen California’s central valley – which produces 25% of the nation’s food, by the way – as “California’s Appalachia”. I don’t know much about Appalachia, but considering the sources, I’m going to start taking that as a compliment.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to California’s Appalachia

  1. I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Appalachia. The comment reminds of why never to venture into the comments section of secular news sites. Another one for the sore winners file.


  2. Dear Jeff,

    I do know Appalachia, far more intimately than is probably good for me and it certainly wasn’t meant as a compliment, but in these matters one must always consider the source. And in this case, I believe I might take it as a compliment.




  3. Scott: Not reading the comment sections of secular news sites is probably smart. I am consistently amazed at how vulgar, cruel, and debased such places can be.

    Steve: Good to see you here! I’m curious to know how you came to Appalachia so intimately, and why anyone would compare CA’s central valley to the same. Hope all is well. Thanks for the comment.


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