“Prop 8 – The Musical”

The anti-Christian fury of the “No on 8” forces is made explicit in this newly produced video. Prop 8 supporters are portrayed as hateful, pious hypocrites; Jesus Christ appears as a hippie who mocks the Bible and the stupidity of Christians; and of course, Barack Obama is the true Messiah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 thoughts on ““Prop 8 – The Musical”

  1. Welcome back, Jeff.

    I have to question the wisdom of embedding/linking this video, and others like it. Need we increase the hit count of such things by linking to them and watching them? This will only make it seem like such expressions are popular and accepted.


  2. Hello David. You certainly do have a point. I’m not sure how else to report on something like this without linking or embedding it, though.

    It may be that the better part of wisdom is ignoring such things. That’s probably true for most. On the other hand, I think there are a good many people who haven’t fully grasped the extent to which our adversaries are emboldened, their malice growing, their gloves coming off, and their tactics more aggressive and hateful by the hour.

    As an aside, I was driving on the freeway in Butte County the other day when a truck pulled up beside me and tried to get my attention. I could see that it was harassment and ignored the fellow. When that failed he pulled in front of me quite dangerously, slowed down, and flipped me off for a good ten seconds. I had a “Yes on 8” bumper sticker; he had a sticker that read “It doesn’t matter to Jesus”.


  3. And why is the reference to shrimp a canard, exactly, Patrick?

    (I’d say a reference to a duck would be a canard, n’est-ce pas? But that would be silliness.)


  4. One more thing — we who support marriage equality are not “anti-Christian” any more than you are “anti-gay.” We are pro-equality.

    The mockery here is about hypocrisy, not true Christianity. It mocks those who mouth the principles Christ spoke of, but don’t live them, or live them selectively.


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