Obama’s plans for your children

“Obama and Biden believe that middle and high school children should be expected to engage in community service for 50 hours annually during the school year or summer months.”
Obama’s National Service Plan Fact Sheet

“Obama and Biden will set a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year.”

There’s lots of mischief brewing here.  It’s not that I have a problem with school children being encouraged to do volunteer work – quite the contrary. But the involvement and “encouragement” of the federal government means that the program is going to be coercive and sharply ideological. If Obama has his way, I have no doubt that participation will be mandatory, even for homeschoolers. When I read a section of Obama’s “national service plan” to my wife last night, she said it reminded her of her childhood days in Vietnam. Children who enrolled in the the “Uncle Ho Youth” were rewarded with armbands and neckbands, and those who did not participate were socially marginalized. She was one of the few children in her class who didn’t join. She remembers the “Uncle Ho Youth” going about planting trees while chanting communist slogans.

In a previous comment thread Danby wrote:

“In point of fact, Obama will likely be another Jimmy Carter, an empty suit disappointment who cannot for the life of him stand up to the Establishment, and whose lousy foreign policy looks good only in contrast to his failed economic policies. I’m sorry, but shrieking like a little girl at the thought of a Dem winning the White House is pathetic.”

That’s definitely looking on the bright side. Just the same, we would do well to keep an eye on this administration. Obama has plans for your children.


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  1. Do read the National Service Plan Fact Sheet. Note that Obama intends to increase the size of the Army by 65,000 troops, and the Marines by 27,000. He says “America needs a leader who can inspire today’s youth to serve our nation”.

    So, let’s get this straight. Obama’s going to pull our troops out of Iraq and, at the same time, increase the size of our military force (why?) by the power of his personal charisma.

    Obama is preparing for something … something he’s not telling us.


  2. Good post. Informative. Hate to say it… but glad I live outside the USA. I believe homeschoolers are certainly a target – what other way for the State to get at the homeschoolers ideologically? This is the way. Subtle, like an odourless vapour… This administration will ride the positive vibe, the emotional wave it is currently surfing… In the not so distact future, those in the centre, those who voted for Obama/Biden who normally would no have… will smell smoke.


  3. James, excellent comments about the potential road to tyranny via Obama’s subtle “odourless vapour”.

    They are presently touting this plan as “voluntary” – probably for constitutional reasons. But the “Uncle Ho Youth” corps was also voluntary, strictly speaking, so I’m not much consoled.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while, James: where are you? By your spelling of “vapour” and “centre” I would guess Great Britain. Forgive me if you have already mentioned this. My memory seems to be declining.


  4. I want to know how the HSLDA is revving up to oppose this. Maybe they’re keeping it close to the vest for the time being, but I certainly hope they are on this. This is very bad news. And it might be even harder to fight for college kids than for younger kids, both because the resistance to coercion in one’s raising of minor children is stronger than resistance to requiring things of college kids and also because the home schooling lobby won’t be organized in teh same way against the requirement for 100 hours _per year_ of such “service” for college students.


  5. Lydia, I’d like to know what HSLDA is thinking too. Haven’t heard a peep out of them. I suppose it’s a bit too early since there hasn’t been any specific legislation proposed. Good point about college students. Hopefully private colleges will be exempt … but who knows? I suspect it will be tied to federal funding at first.


  6. Those who’re tempted to reassure themselves with the possibility that, at least with a great deal of effort, parents can opt out of this should keep in mind that, just like any other group, children have a sub-culture. These programs would be a major influence on that sub-culture and would in time impact kids whose parents opt out.

    For a parallel, notice that the impact of sex education has been much broader than just those who take the classes. What is taught to some, eventually reaches all.


  7. Jeff – Alberta, Great White North. Though I know there are FSSP parishes in the UK, amazing as that sounds!

    As for the opt-out option… Highly unlikely.


  8. I ignored the “shrieking like a little girl” comment the first time, because I didn’t think it deserved a response.

    This time, I will respond. I’ve been studying Barack Obama and his associates, his political background; his stated goals. Those goals are dangerous to this country. This presidency is the culmination of years of idealogical subversion IMO Obama is the handpicked vessel to carry these ideals nationwide. Mark my words, the religious and civil liberties you take for granted now, may come much more dearly in the future. If that’s “shrieking like a little girl”, so be it. The thought that this is just Jimmy Carter redux is laughable. Obama is not a progressive. He’s a radical. He’s not your old-style Democrat social liberal. He’s a marxist.

    This is Our Lady’s warning at Fatima, that Russia’s errors would be spread throughout the world. They are here, they have been spreading like a web throughout this country since Whittaker Chambers’s Communist days in the ’30’s. Ever read Witness? I can’t recommend it enough.

    How about Yuri Bezmenov, at the very least? Watch this, and recognize your countrymen.


  9. Homeschooled kids don’t share in that “kids’ subculture.” That’s one of the reasons we homeschool.

    It’s an interesting question to what extent the college hours would be linked to the _student’s_ receiving funding or loans and to what extent it would be linked to the _college’s_ receiving funding or loans. An irony for you: Name that supposedly “great conservative” who first (AFAIK) proposed that college students should be required to do national service in exchange for student grants or loans?

    Give up? William F. Buckley. I listened to him talk about it smarmily at a lecture in Nashville, TN, in the late 80’s or early 90’s.


  10. My point, which I suppose I didn’t make, is that BHO will not be able to afford to run a dictatorship.

    We are on the verge of an economic collapse. Obama is quite literally in Hoover’s shoes, circa 1930. Unfortunately, both Bush and Obama are making the same stupid blunders that HH made. Rather than forcing a few dozen extremely wealthy bankers into bankruptcy, they are trying to paper over the solvency problem in the financial markets by shovelling trillions of dollars at it. That’s what Hoover did. It won’t work this time either.

    The end result will be either a collapse of the credit markets, or a collapse of the currency. The first (which is what happened during the bank crisis of 1930) will introduce a long and very severe depression. The second (which is what happened in Germany in 1928) will lead to the destruction of the entire US economy. Either way, BHO will take the blame.

    At some point, probably in about 2 years, the government will be unable to finance it’s debt. Since we are borrowing over $4 billion a day (up from $2 billion a day 6 months ago), something will have to give. Without that borrowed money, the government won’t be able to pay for enforcers, soldiers, torturers, etc. It won’t even be able to pay the people they have on the payroll now.

    The correct response to the current financial crisis, beyond stopping the bailouts, is to slash budgets, bring the troops home, and lower taxes. And, of course, arrest and convict the bankers responsible for so much fraud. It seems to me that BHO is incapable of that sort of response. In fact, short of going to a full-on command economy, which is extremely unlikely to be successful, there is nothing BHO seems likely to do that would avoid the problem. So like Carter, he has made the mistake of getting elected at the wrong time, with the wrong answers. He will be forced by circumstance (and insane interest rates) to cut back his ambitions. As Laffer taught us, the higher you push tax rates beyond a certain point, the less money you get. There is a point of diminishing returns.

    I can remember the Carter years. Think what it will mean to the budget when the US Treasury has to pay 15% or 20% on treasury bills. The reason Clinton was able to “balance” the federal budget was because the Fed had driven short-term interest rates to below 5%. Interest expense is the largest single item in the budget, and with the near-doubling of the public debt over the last 4 months, it will only eat up more of the pie.

    I’m afraid I’m rambling here, but the point is that Obama is temporary, far more temporary than his admirers fear or his detractors hope.


    Lost amid all of the jubilation of the Obama victory was the announcement by the Obama transition team that it had set up a separate transition program beyond the one that is paid for by the American taxpayer. Called the “Obama/Biden Transition Project,” it is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, with no limits on the contributions it can receive and no requirements to divulge the names of individuals or organizations that give it money.


    I’ve read that Obama did the same thing with his campaign, eschewing the local Dem campaign offices and setting up his own autonomous Obama campaign centers. He bypassed public funding so as to be able to accept private donations, (many bundled so as to avoid identifying the donors)and so as not to be limited by campaign financing laws. How much was his final take? Something in excess of 600+ billion?

    Someone who runs parallel campaign offices and parallel transition teams probably wouldn’t be averse to running a parallel government.


  12. Couple this with his plans to establish “universal preschool”. How long will that be optional? If FOCA is put into effect, states’ rights days in every area, most especially education, are numbered. And homeschooling has to go if they want to maintain their agenda permanently – they aren’t having the children to replenish their numbers. They will eventually have to indoctrinate ours, though who knows when they’ll go that drastic.

    This reminds me of the scariest thing about the Ayers connection. Just 2 years ago he was in Venezuela at an educator’s conference praising Hugo Chavez for his socialist “educational reforms”. And he’s a professor of education in Chicago. Teaching the teachers how to be teachers. Regardless of how close Obama and Ayers are personally, they are clearly of the same mind.

    And I don’t think too many in the public will smell anything unpleasant. If they were disposed to do that, why would they have chosen him with such resounding cheer? Obama emanated foul odor long before the election and no one who supports him seems to care in the least.


  13. Danby,
    On the one hand, I hope you’re right. On the other, I’m a bit frightened at the prospect of what you predict coming to pass. In other words, it seems that no matter what, we’re screwed. Either you’re wrong and we have BHO and his agenda for awhile, or you’re right and our nation will implode financially which will convince us to give him the boot.



  14. It’s noted before that I’m kind of a downer.

    One other point to consider is that no president gets everything he wants. Clinton tried and tried to shove socialized medicine down our throats. He had a majority in both houses too. It didn’t work. There is no way a draft or draft analogue will make it through congress without a clear and present enemy (no, muslims don’t count). Americans are all for high-flying and empty rhetoric. It’s when there are serious policy proposals in front of them that they’ll balk. Less than 10% of the people who voted for Obama had any clue as to his agenda beyond “tax cut for 95%”. Once they hear it, they’ll fight it tooth and nail.


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