I’m almost there

Thomas Fleming on the election:

“Watching McCain on the news or in a commercial, I become convinced that he is the most evil piece of selfishness who has ever run for the presidency, but my disgust quickly ebbs away when the simpering Obama takes the stage.  I can understand people who vote for McCain’s resume or support him as the lesser of two evils, but I no longer want to know anyone who votes for Obama for any reason.  He is an enemy of anything good that has ever been done in this country or this civilization, and when he is elected, I hope that all those Silicon Valley libertarians who supported him will live to see their property confiscated and their kids sent to reeducation camps.  Yes, that is mean-spirited and unChristian but it is unsettling to realize that you have lived among such monsters for so long without grasping the depth of their depravity and stupidity.”

(h/t Serge)

I say “almost there” only because I can’t quite bring myself to wish that anyone’s children be sent off to reeducation camps. I also must insist that, in theory at least, some Obama voters are less culpable than others, although I may be splitting hairs at this point.

This election signals the end of the so-called “American experiment”, in which millions of people with mutually exclusive and radically incompatible mores and beliefs attempt to govern themselves (and each other). This experiment – embraced for the short term out of political necessity – was always unsustainable. Today we are witnessing the total collapse of effective resistance to secularism and liberal modernity. Even if McCain were to miraculously win this election, he has neither the character, nor the will, nor the resources to do anything but run with the herd.

3 thoughts on “I’m almost there

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  2. I work for and with many Silicon Valley libertarians. Their kids already attend reeducation camps of their parents own making in the form of their banal, suburban, “basically good people” churches and insipid, politically correct, multi-cultural schools.


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