For new readers

According to my stats, Stony Creek Digest has picked up some new readers in the past several months – mainly due to Sarah Palin’s candidacy for the office of vice president. (Any post with Sarah Palin in the title seems to generate a tsunami of search engine traffic.) As a service to these new readers I thought I would offer links to some interesting discussions that have long since dropped off the front page. In no particular order …

The Rural Solution

Bring Back Early Marriage

The Pledge of Allegiance: Is it Idolatry?

The Art of Resisting Feminism (longest comment thread)

Is Conversation Possible? (2nd longest comment thread)

The Old Days Were Better

The Walls of the Playground

The Orland Project, or Why I’m Not a Libertarian

Latin Mass F.A.Q.

Authority and Rebellion

Tradition and Restoration

Youth and the Church

Rural America and “fitting in”

“Don’t Bunch”: FLDS and Intentional Communities

The Loretto Chapel’s Miraculous Staircase

What’s Right About Country Music

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