You’ve got to read this to believe it

Barack Obama defending legal infanticide.

Make sure to listen to the audio clip. To me, the interesting thing is his voice. He has a great voice. His voice has gravitas. If you don’t pay much attention to the words, you naturally think that here is a man who knows what he’s talking about. As a former amateur radio operator I have an appreciation for strong voices, and have even been told that I have such a voice myself. This is undoubtedly one key to Obama’s success: he has a believable, authoritative voice and personality which enable him to lie and do horrible things with impunity.

3 thoughts on “You’ve got to read this to believe it

  1. I realize that this is by no means what is worst about his comments, but I can’t resist pointing out that he is either abysmally ignorant or deliberately deceptive on both law and medicine. On law: He speaks as if an abortionist is required to determine that a child is not “viable” prior to performing an abortion. This is baloney. As long as it is (as he stipulates) said to be for the mother’s “health,” an abortion can be performed throughout pregnancy. The abortionist could be attempting to burn a 26-week gestation child to death with saline solution, for example, and have the child unexpectedly survive, which has happened. On medicine: He speaks as if a child that is not “viable” is born dead or dies nearly instanteously. This is baloney. The definition of “viable” is very vague in medical circles but generally is used to refer to a child not expected to “survive,” where “survive” could be for more than a few hours or more than a day or even longer. Children who are not “viable” have breathed for hours without assistance before dying. Children deemed not viable have been actively killed, and sometimes their killers have not been prosecuted. This happened in Hialeah, Florida.


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