Obama news

Obama will require women to register for Selective Service and to serve in combat.

To steal a headline from Angelqueen: The Coming Obama Thugocracy (warning: vulgarity).


6 thoughts on “Obama news

  1. Yes, this news is alarming. Our volunteer military is dangerously overextended and we are, most likely, already on the brink of a draft. For his part, Obama shows no signs of being anything other than a radically committed internationalist. Heaven forbid we someday need our military for actual defense of the homeland.

    In the event of a draft which also targets women, I wouldn’t be the only father of daughters taking a hard look at voluntary exile.


  2. Do you guys think Congress would pass an extension of registration for the draft to females? I think it would be massively unpopular.

    I shd. add that if they are willing to forego the vote, young people can probably avoid registering for selective service in the first place, in which case, Lord willing, they would not know where to find our daughters. I would certainly strongly advise my daughters as they turn 18 not to register for anything called “selective service,” “national service,” or anything of the sort at the time they register to vote. In fact, if they wanted it, I’d go with them to voter registration in case they had any questions about something they were being asked to fill out or sign.


  3. Lydia, I think you may be underestimating the degree to which the Congress – and indeed all branches of government – are now in the grip of feminism.

    As for avoiding SS registration in the first place, you may be right about the options. Also, under the present rules I think one can declare himself a “conscientious objector” right up front. I would expect this to remain under an Obama administration, but who knows?

    Apart from the immediate threat to America’s daughters is the threat to this country of a totally feminized military. Just as altar boys tend to disappear when altar girls are introduced, few men will want anything to do with a feminized military.


  4. Feminized military is to no small extent a done deal, though things can always get worse. Conscientious objector status won’t apply if the objection is to women’s being drafted. One has to be able honestly to say that one is a pacifist, which none of my girls would be.


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