The Amero???

Here comes the “amero”.

Dollar collapse will result in rise of “amero”.

U.S. sends $800 billion amero to China.

Snopes: No truth to amero rumors.

I don’t know what to make of it. Sounds like midnight talk radio lunacy, except that the dollar may not survive this crisis. I have a hard time believing that our financial overlords don’t have some kind of “Plan B” in the works.

2 thoughts on “The Amero???

  1. It’s no secret Mexico has wanted to dollarize its economy for a while. With the current situation it may have no choice but to do so, since so many Mexicans live from dollars. The Amero is perhaps a way to make the integration more palpable to the great mass of people. By the way things look it looks like the NAU will happen during my lifetime.
    Remember the EU started as a Franco-German “free” trade agreement then expanded to the parliamentary super-state of today


  2. If we actually do slip into hyperinflation, as some predict, the dollar will have to be replaced. Still, it’s a long step from there to a pan-North-American currency. What’s likeliest if that they would issue the Amero as an “optional” currency, to stand alongside the dollar. Then they continue forcing dollars down the toilet, encouraging the conversion of dollar assets into Amero-priced assets.

    Business will get on board very quickly, and we will be forced to do the same.

    What they won’t do is allow Ron Paul’s bill exempting silver and gold from any sales, use or exchange taxes to be voted upon. That would allow private companies to issue their own metal-based currency. The flight to those in an inflationary spiral would be awesome.


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