5 thoughts on “The movie of your life

  1. I was blessed to see that website some months back. I’ve since sent it on to friends and family who might be led back to the faith, or to a deeper love of it. May the graces flow!


  2. The campaign originally aired in the initial test markets of Phoenix, AZ and Lexington, KY, where after a three week campaign more that six thousand lapsed Catholics found their way back to the Catholic Church. 3.5 Million people (99%) within Phoenix and Northern Arizona saw the commercials, 14 times per person, during the three weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.


  3. When I was in college, a guy came and preached a sermon in chapel. He talked about being sentenced to see the movie of your life on Judgement Day and about how everyone else would see it to. Built up quite a feeling of how embarrassing that would be. Then he said, “And so you go and sit down and they start rolling the film. And the story of your life begins in Bethlehem…”

    That was how he got across the idea of our sins being covered by Christ’s righteousness. It was a really powerful image.


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