To summarize …

Glenn County budget crisis: cuts looming.

California budget crisis intensifies.

California unemployment climbs to 7.3%, highest in 12 years.

California’s out-migration problem.

Worst financial crisis since 1930s with no end in sight.

America’s Financial Apocalypse Heralds Decade Long Depression.

U.S. economy is unsustainable, says GAO chief.

California marriage amendment loses ground, now trails by 17 points.

Florida marriage amendment in trouble.

Use of Plan B abortifacient surges.

U.S. birth rate hits all time low.

Demographic Winter is upon us.

5 thoughts on “To summarize …

  1. Great encapsulation of the chastisment we so richly desreve. From Financial/economic failures to moral failures. I do not say this with ANY pleasure- only great sadness. Many could see it coming years ago. Where do you find these diverse sites?

    Prayers for your situation.


  2. It reminds me of what some over at Chronicles remind us, that we do not live in a Christian nation. (Or at least certain parts of the country are not Christian, and I think California would be an obvious example.) While we should do what we can at the ballot box, our local bishop should remind us Catholics that we can no longer labor under the illusion that we live in a society friendly to Christianity, and the divisions will only grow wider. If the marriage amendment does not pass,I think that will be the definitive sign that the ‘culture war’ in California has been lost.


  3. Mr. Wilson: Hopefully it isn’t too late to turn the tide. As for finding the sites, that comes mostly from too much time blog-surfing. And thank you kindly for your prayers!

    Mr. Chan: It sure doesn’t look good for California. Heaven knows what the future might hold for us. I wish there were some kind of serious, organized, grass-roots opposition to the madness out here, but everyone seems to be asleep.


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