The return of Alan Keyes

Thanks to a commenter, I was directed to a site belonging to the newly established America’s Independent Party, which has just nominated Alan Keyes as its presidential candidate. There’s a backstory here that I don’t have time to go into, and others could do a much better job of it. Suffice it to say that Keyes, a faithful Catholic, is solid on the most critical issues. Furthermore, I really like the AIP platform – a huge improvement over that of the Constitution Party.


16 thoughts on “The return of Alan Keyes

  1. This really does look promising. Not in a “this party might win a lot of elections” way but at least in a “I could vote for this party without fearing for my soul” kind of way.

    It is also interesting to me that the American Independent Party, so tied at its birth to George Wallace, has joined the America’s Independent Party and endorsed Alan Keyes. Progress, of the good sort.

    So, all of this means that Keyes will be an official, non-write-in kind of candidate for the presidency on California ballots?


  2. I realize this may sound a little esoteric and isn’t in itself a make or break issue, but I wonder if Alan Keyes has renounced his support for federal reparations for slavery. I thought it fairly…unpleasant and bizarre that he suddenly endorsed this (and how is that constitutional, btw?) when he was running against Barack Obama as a Republican candidate for Senate.


  3. Great site, Jeff! I’m very impressed.

    Yes, Alan Keyes will be on your California ballot as a choice for President of the United States. This has been made possible by the hard work and principled commitment of the leadership of the American Independent Party. It’s a new, promising day for conservatives in California.

    Since the GOP (with its long slide left and the resulting nomination of John McCain) has abandoned Reagan conservatism, AIP is now filling that void. New AIP affiliates are cropping up daily all across the fruited plain, led by regular citizens who have the courage to put America’s principles before personalities or party.

    One of the things I like best about your site is what you call its focus on “local priorities.” It is that kind of focus, practiced by millions of patriotic Americans, that is the only true hope for restoring just government of, by and for the people.

    May God richly bless all the land that is watered by Stony Creek, and all of those precious souls who live on that land and care for it.

    For Life and Liberty,

    Tom Hoefling
    Chairman, America’s Independent Party

    PS…I would like to invite all of your readers to visit to read our platform and look over our personal affiliation agreement. If you agree with the principles we adhere to, please join our efforts. We need you.


  4. Keyes is another neocon, albeit a neocon of the actually and vociferously pro-life sort.

    Also, the American Independent party has not actually gone for Keyes. The party pretty solidly nominated Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution party candidate. Unfortunately, the California Sec. of State goes by what the party chairman of record says, and the party chairman of record told them Alan Keyes. The whole thing is a huge mess and a lawsuit, but the dishonesty of the (now former) chairman would lead me away from voting for Keyes.

    Finally, Keyes is on the bhallot in only two states.


  5. Although there seems like there may be a conflict between the clear teaching on the church on the merciful treatment we owe to immigrants and the platform of the AIP, I may end up casting my ballot for Keyes, who will be on the Colorado ballot.


  6. I can’t throw a pinch of incense at the altar of the Lesser Cannibal.

    A vote for a third party is a vote for Obama. And that would measure more than a pinch.


  7. “Jeff, why do you like the AIP platform better than the CP platform?”

    Lydia, my objection to the CP platform is that it says too much about too many things. It’s a political straightjacket and the CP will forever remain a tiny party for that reason. I can’t imagine CP primary debates, for example, because if the candidates sign off on the platform there is nothing left to debate. And the preface is creepy. This country was not “founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ” in point of fact. The language of a Republic “rooted in biblical law” reeks of Rushdooneyism.

    The AIP platform is brief and to the point, leaving room, as it explicitly says, “for debate over prudential policy matters within certain parameters of fundamental American political thought and a framework of ordered liberty.”


  8. Poppycock. I could just as easily say a vote for a third party is a vote for McCain.

    And if you enable into office the monster that is Obama and all his associated minions, you can comfort yourself with that.

    Who will be the first to wring hands and decry the state of the union under a post-election President Obama? The Obama who mixes with Marxists? Who abets post-birth infanticide? The raising of taxes by the billions? Who sees a kindred spirit in every anti-American?

    I don’t understand Catholics who sit on their hands waiting for the perfect candidate to descend from the heavens with halo sparkling. Might as well dig a hole, climb in and wait for the second coming. Or…move to Canada.


  9. “Keyes is another neocon, albeit a neocon of the actually and vociferously pro-life sort.”

    I might be a neocon myself, Danby, depending on who’s defining the term. The label doesn’t bother me. I know that Keyes was denounced by CPers as a war-monger for his support of the Iraq war. I don’t support the Iraq war and think Keyes is dead wrong on this one. However, there ought to be room for some debate and disagreement on foreign policy within a conservative political party, and the CP doesn’t have any.


  10. I don’t understand Catholics who sit on their hands waiting for the perfect candidate to descend from the heavens with halo sparkling.

    When did I say I was sitting on my hands? I plan to show up at the polls Nov., it’s just a matter of who I pull levers for. I don’t owe McCain my vote.


  11. Anna, I *might* vote for McCain but my conscience is really warring with me on this. As a Christian I believe that God can do anything and that I will have to give an account on Judgment Day for every idle word, including my vote for this person or that. God controls who comes to power, but I also believe that He works through men and women. If we stand around and in effect do nothing how different are we from the Iraqi people (or others) who let a dictator and a handful of people subjugate & destroy a nation? I agree with Scott. I don’t owe McCain a thing. I didn’t choose him to represent me and he certainly didn’t during that ballout thing. If he’s not going to fight, if he’s going to practically hand Obama the election during the primary, then what will he do as President?


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