New McCain-Palin Radio Ad: Stem Cell Research

Well, it is getting increasingly difficult to give McCain-Palin the benefit of the doubt on pro-life issues. Today they came out with a new radio advertisement promising millions of dollars in stem-cell research, ignoring the all-important distinction between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Anyone who has been paying attention can read between the lines: this ad is a campaign promise to aggressively fund ESCR. Here’s the text:

They’re the original mavericks. Leaders. Reformers. Fighting for real change.
John McCain will lead his Congressional allies to improve America’s health.
Stem cell research to unlock the mystery of cancer, diabetes, heart disease.
Stem cell research to help free families from the fear and devastation of illness.
Stem cell research to help doctors repair spinal cord damage, knee injuries, serious burns.
Stem cell research to help stroke victims.
And, John McCain and his Congressional allies will invest millions more in new NIH medical research to prevent disease.
Medical breakthroughs to help you get better, faster.
Change is coming.
McCain-Palin and Congressional allies.
The leadership and experience to really change Washington and improve your health.
Paid for by McCain-Palin 2008 and the Republican National Committee.


One thought on “New McCain-Palin Radio Ad: Stem Cell Research

  1. Wanna bet, given Palin’s comments in the interview about “if there are other sources out there,” that _she_ thinks this ad (if she even knows about it) is referring only to adult stem-cell research? I have a terrible feeling that she’s in for a surprise, if so. Let’s face it: She’s not running this campaign and wouldn’t be running a McCain presidency.


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