For Mrs. C.

Why flies are so hard to swat.

We live amongst cows, and where there are cows, there are flies. Mrs. C. hates flies. Hates ’em. How much does she hate them? Just the other night during the family rosary – the most solemn time of day in our home – I was practically knocked to the ground by a sudden, violent slap on the back. I think I was in the middle of a Glory Be when Mrs. C. spotted a fly on my shirt and reflexively attacked. Fortunately, she missed (missed the fly, that is) and I was spared the indignity of cleaning fly guts off of my clothing.

Country life: not for the squeamish. Now I’m off to castrate a couple of goats. Can’t put it off much longer …


5 thoughts on “For Mrs. C.

  1. Mrs. C.: I’m sure we could figure out how to spend it!

    Lydia: Lately we’ve enjoyed almost-perfect fall weather, but it’s supposed to get hot again this week. We have only four laying hens left and I expect we’ll lose a couple more.

    Zach: We could use your fly-smashing skills around here. Being an ex-farm boy the old technique should come right back to you. :-)


  2. Alright, what is the deal?

    When my godfather needs to emasculate bulls, he and the ranch hand do it quickly, with crimpers and no anesthesia. He has never lost one because of it.

    When you want to do same to goats, you go out and do it to the beast.

    Now, when we had the cat eunuched, we had to take him to the vet (and to pay a pretty penny), they put him under, and all of that. He was there all day.

    Is this just a racket? Could I have just done it without risk to the animal, using whatever tools I have around here and saved a bundle?


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