Interview with Sarah Palin

A few thoughts:

The interviewer is an insufferable moron (update: please see apology), but she handles him kindly and gracefully.

She thinks on her feet.

She’s confident.

She has a real command of the subject matter.

She’s articulate and intelligent.

She’s passionate about her state.

She’s not afraid to stand up to the “big boys”.

She’s a “doer”.

She gives direct answers to direct questions.

She has a pleasant, honest personality.


9 thoughts on “Interview with Sarah Palin

  1. I’m excited by this choice.

    If Senator McCain wins, there’s the hope that his presidency will be ruled unconstitutional by virtue of his foreign birth and we’ll have President Sarah Palin in ’09. Well, there’s no much hope for that, but if he loses (or wins for that matter), there’s the hope that her elevation to the national level will produce a viable candidate in ’12 or ’16, if the Republic can last that long.

    She was a Buchananite in the ’90s. She seems to be a Ron Paul state’s righster and has even garnred the admiration of atheist pro-life civil libertarian Nat Hentoff.


  2. Joseph: It is quite possible to be both a Catholic brother and an insufferable moron. There is no contradiction here. But yes, I suppose I was unkind. His television persona, at least, is that of a loud-mouthed east-coast talking-head who specializes in manufactured controversy. It’s repulsive to me. But maybe it’s a regional thing. I’m glad he’s Catholic.


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  4. Sarah Palin is a member of the Pentecostal Assembly of God church (or AG as they refer to themselves). I was raised this religion from birth and attended regularly through my teen years. From my first hand knowledge and experience, I can tell you that those who attend that church are extreme fundamentalists.

    They believe that Jews and people from all other religions other than some protestant faiths will go to hell. This includes Catholics. You will not “get her back” as one person wrote. They will cover up this fact during this election, but what I’m telling you is the truth.

    I left that religion because they are so judgmental and un-christian like. I now teach music at a catholic school and attend a non-denominational church, but it is NOT pentecostal. My brother converted to Catholicism and my parents attend his parish.

    It frightens me and my family that this woman (or anyone from AG) has been nominated and could potentially be in the most powerful position in the world.

    Please, please…don’t let one single issue be your deciding factor. I don’t believe in abortion either, but this election is truly about much, much more than that.

    I suggest that each one of you attend a Sunday morning church service at an Assembly of God church. Don’t tell anyone who you are or why you’re visiting. Just quietly sit in the back and watch. You will understand why I wrote this.


  5. First, Palin doesn’t attend at AG church anymore. She attends Wasilla Bible Church. Second, I would say an AGer with her head on as straight as Palin’s appears to be is ripe for conversion.

    I grew up AG, too, as did my mom. My family is Catholic now, and we all credit our background with bringing us to the Church. AG has very sacramental elements that made Catholic sacraments and teachings on the body fit like a key into a lock.

    I know from crazy, and there were assuredly some foaming-at-the-mouth nuts. But they all shared a marked inability to be diplomatic, and that’s just not Palin.

    I’ve seen an interview in which she named C.S. Lewis as her favorite author, and that is not the reading material of the AG lunatic fringe. I know this because I was blasted by the AG lunatic fringe in my own church, for reading Lewis. (Though I guess if one defines the Catholic Church as Satanic, they were correct that Lewis would lead me straight to the devil!)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she swam the Tiber someday. The AG doesn’t offer a lot of intellectual substance, so it’s not as easy to spend years caught up in devotion to Calvin or Luther like mainline Protestants often do on their way to the Church. With such an unfulfilled hunger for knowledge (and grace!), it’s almost easy to go from Lewis to Chesterton to Catholicism. Whether she does or not, she clearly understands that faith is not opposed to reason.


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