Harvest time!


9 thoughts on “Harvest time!

  1. Yum! My kids were happy to see your pictures again!
    Hey, can you email me your address so my kids can send postcards to your kids? I don’t think I ever had your full USPS address.


  2. T. Chan: Those are nectarines in the photos, but we had almost as many peaches!

    Annaberri: That’s a great idea. My kids would love to get some postcards. USPS address on the way …

    Dale: Yes, don’t miss the apple season! Out here we have a place called Apple Hill with a big festival at harvest time every year. U-pick apples, baked goods, petting zoos, and more. Great fun for the family.


  3. Jeff,

    The nectarines and peaches you sent were terrific, thank you. The pictures in this post were priceless, however. What a wonderful family heirloom they’ll make in years to come.

    God bless,


  4. Sinner: I won’t disagree with you about the brood. Glad you liked the hat too. I try to keep on top of the latest hat fashions. :-)

    Enbrethiliel: Me too. In fact I like aprons in general. What’s wrong with the world is that nobody wears aprons anymore. My wife informs me that she did indeed make the apron, years ago, for another daughter’s Little Flower group.


  5. Jeff:

    Oh, it’s definitely a blast. We hit the orchard at the end of the season when it’s $5 for a full shopping bag (paper). We go with Zach Frey and his family, and the kids go nuts. They are sometimes a little…undiscriminating…about what they collect, even for sauce purposes, but that’s half the fun.

    And they get to see the old-fashioned apple sorter at work, which my budding gearhead son enjoys.


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