Proposition 8 and the Hispanic Vote

Proposition 8 appears to be in trouble. While leading its opponents in fundraising, it is still losing in the polls. Furthermore, California’s Attorney General has cleverly reworded the title on the ballot, from “Limit on Marriage Constitutional Amendment” to “Eliminates Right of Same-sex Couples to Marry”. Who wants to vote for “eliminating” anyone’s “rights”?

In the most recent Field Poll, Proposition 8 loses: 51% No, 42% Yes. What is interesting is that Hispanics are the only polled ethnic group who support the initiative, and they do so by an impressive margin of 49% to 38%. Also – 13% of likely Hispanic voters are undecided on the measure. Getting out the Hispanic vote is going to be extremely important in November.


2 thoughts on “Proposition 8 and the Hispanic Vote

  1. The Attorney General is allowed to do that? We already knew Jerry Brown wasn’t a true Catholic politician; I suppose the bishops aren’t going to put any sanctions on him even now. If there is any movement towards dividing California into separate states, I’ll be supporting it.


  2. T. Chan: Yes, Jerry Brown’s troublemaking goes waaaaayyyy back in this state. I’d like to see a movement to divide California also. Maybe when Prop 8 fails it will wake up some of our inland politicians.


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