San Diego County: All deputy clerks must perform same-sex “marriages”

County clerk reneges on religious accommodation.


Non-Californians shouldn’t get complacent. The Lavender Army is coming to your state, city and neighborhood.

Denver, Colorado

Moscow, Idaho

Omaha, Nebraska

Richmond, Virginia

Rapid City, South Dakota

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Springfield, Missouri

Davenport, Iowa

St. Louis, Missouri

Bismark, North Dakota

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Tallahassee, Florida

Birmingham, Alabama

Lincoln, Nebraska

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nashville, Tennessee


To those of you out there in flyover country: please don’t let this sneak up on you. Thousands of California refugees may soon be looking for a state that hasn’t turned into a lunatic asylum. We’re counting on you.


6 thoughts on “San Diego County: All deputy clerks must perform same-sex “marriages”

  1. Our state, Michigan, has an amendment to the Constitution that says that the government of the state will not recognize anything but one-man-one-woman for marriage or “any similar union” (or something like that)–outlawing civil unions. It’s been a grey area what connection this has to same-sex partner benefits from cities or state universities.

    I noticed the name of the Alliance Defense Fund lawyer in the story–Glen Lavy. I went to college with a guy by that name. I think it was spelled the same way, too. Wonder if it’s the same man.


  2. Hello Lydia.

    Here’s a site that lists states like yours with statutory or constitutional prohibitions of same-sex marriage.

    Most of the links in this post refer to places in “red states” which are considered culturally conservative. You still need to be vigilant. The Lavender Army and its friends control the courts, the schools, and the media even in places like Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Consider:

    1. Once another generation of suitably indoctrinated public school children come of age, state bans on same-sex marriage could be democratically reversed.

    2. Homosexuality will be increasingly normalized by favorable media coverage of these “pridefest” events held everywhere throughout middle America.

    3. Other legal changes – such as the new anti-discrimination law in Colorado – will surely erode popular opposition to homosexual unions despite legal bans on same-sex marriage.

    In other words, red-staters need to pay attention. We haven’t had network television in over 13 years, but a friend tells me that virtually every show – sit-coms, dramas, etc. – has an openly homosexual character portrayed in a favorable light. I suspect that red-staters watch just as much television as Californians do, and that is bound to have an effect on their thinking.


  3. By way of comparison:

    California passed its same-sex marriage ban in 2000 with 61% of the vote.

    Michigan passed its same-sex marriage ban in 2004 with 59% of the vote.

    Today California’s voters are pretty evenly split, eight years after Proposition 22. The polls are conflicted, some showing a small majority in favor, others showing a small majority opposed. In either case the trend towards approval of same-sex marriage is unmistakable. I suspect the trend is no different in Michigan and elsewhere: California is just a little bit ahead of the curve.


  4. I think the anti-discrimination laws are going to be the biggie. I fully expect them to be federalized quickly in the next administration.


  5. I think mine was technically a blue state. (Yes?) But the same-sex marriage ban passed resoundingly nonetheless. The whole thing is unpredictable.


  6. Lydia,

    I refer to Michigan as a “purple” state myself. :) After all, it was in Oakland County that the term “Reagan Democrats” originated.

    We have sections that are so “blue state” that they’re verging into the ultraviolet (*cough* Ann Arbor), and yet the western and rural areas are clearly “red state”.

    And, the fading but still present “yellow dog Democrat” union factor pushes us into the blue.



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