How much time do we have?

Perhaps one more generation, answers Charles S. LiMandri at Catholic Exchange.


3 thoughts on “How much time do we have?

  1. Interesting piece, but I didn’t want to join in the comments discussion over there. I’d be curious as to what you expect the details to look like when/if our society “total unravels.” Are we talking civil chaos and anarchy? Or a totalitarian government to keep order and provide the services that families used to secure for their members?

    I’d note that there are several other societies that are ahead of us on the abandonment of monogamous male/female relationships. (Denmark, most of Scandinavia, etc.). Will be interesting to keep an eye on them and see what conclusions we can draw about our own fate.


  2. What will the details look like? Look around you!

    I don’t think we’ll go into active persecution of Christians in this country, unlike Canada and some European countries. Instead, “Christian” and especially “Catholic” will become like “redneck” and “hillbilly”, terms of mocking derision implying poverty and low intelligence. Discrimination will become acceptable, even expected. Heck, in some places, like my native Seattle, it already is that way.


  3. Chris makes a good point in that we don’t have to guess, we can simply observe countries in Europe who are ahead of us in debasement. Personally, I thought Europe would be in worst shape than they are now, given their religious state. I’m assuming the lag time between rejecting God and suffering the consequences is greater than we think.


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