Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: The Boycott

Image courtesy of One Oar in the Water.

Some readers may recall the correspondence between your blog host and Sierra Grossman of Chico’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Company over the latter’s support for a local abortion mill. Thanks to Catholic Beer Review, The Curt Jester, and the Rosary Army (listen to their podcast) a boycott of Sierra Nevada’s products seems to be picking up steam. For Sierra Grossman’s edification I offer these quotes from the aforementioned websites:

“Okay, back to the bad guys. Miller products don’t interest me anyway and they ended up doing the right thing, so if you must drink Miller beer then you can buy their products in good conscience (the only pang of conscience one might have is whether it’s really fair to call Miller Lite ‘beer’.) But Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada products are top flight and represent some of my favorite beers. This is harder. What is a Catholic to do? Well, in the face of Sierra Nevada’s unrepentant support of a notorious abortion provider, I think they need to face a Catholic boycott. If you agree with me, let them know that you’re not buying their stuff any more.” – David Palm

“That being said I think it would be a good idea for Catholics to boycott Sieraa-Nevada and I will do so myself – and I do like their brews.” – Jeff Miller

“I am extremely disappointed to hear the bad news about Sierra Nevada. For over a year, I sort of got away from my main brew, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and was buying SN’s Pale Ale. It’s truly a great American pale ale but upon learning of their unrepentant support for abortion (thanks to the Court Jester and this site), I will no longer buy it.”
– Dan Garcia

“I had thought of exploring the Sierra Nevada brews, but now, I figure I won’t.” – James Garrison

“Now my taste buds think that drinking Miller beer would be sinful, so I couldn’t boycott them anyway. Samuel Adam appears not to have made the same mistakes they did previously and so I don’t think their is any real need for a boycott against them. Sierra Nevada is another story and I will be boycotting them … This is too bad since I really like Sierra Nevada’s brews and ironically started buying their beer after Greg Willits of Rosary Army mentioned them.” – Jeff Miller

“Thanks for the info! I felt badly telling my husband, as that is one of his favorite beers, but we needed to know.” – Kristen J.

“Man. This is the perfect example of a situation where ignorance is bliss. My favorite brewery is an abortion advocate. That’s like a sucker punch, Jeff. I refuse to buy Samuel Adams because of what they did. But now Sierra Nevada? That just hurts.” – Greg

“Thanks for the info! I will make it a point not to order those beers again! God bless!” – Padre Steve

“Miller is swill. Never been much for Sam Adams, though I have one occasionally. And I’ll certainly be staying away from Sierra Nevada.” – Josh Miller

“Shame about Sierra Nevada. Any news on Anchor Steam? (They ARE based in San Francisco…)” – Joe

Send your comments to Sierra Grossman at this address: .

6 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: The Boycott

  1. Has anyone received any positive news from Sierra Nevada Brewing about stopping their support of abortion clinics? I loved their beer and now I cannot even look at it.



  2. Wow, not drinking a great beer because you believe embryos have souls given to them by a God that you have absolutely no evidence for his existence. Your loss.


  3. Uh.. yeah, I certainly don’t support abortion, and I definitely won’t get into specifics, but this is… beer. I guess I can understand if you have strong feelings against others and what they do with their offspring. I definitely commend people that are conscious about where they’re putting their money and where it’s going, but… you’re going to boycott Sierra Nevada, but where else are you putting your money and what’s it going towards? Do you buy American made clothing? You don’t? So you’re against keeping a child from entering the world even if it means it’s going to suffer the rest of it’s life just so you can buy a shirt at Wal-mart for $9.99?


  4. You are boycotting a brewing company who supports abortion mills…but you support drinking alcohol which leads to making poor decisions like having unprotected sex or even date rape which leads to unexpected pregnancies…..Sorry but this is almost as ironic as Catholicism….


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