Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri’s music always brings out the wannabe-European in me. What a unique and beautiful voice – one that should be heard more often here in the states. Here’s a taste …

The world’s first music video? In this charming version of “Avant Toi” (see English lyrics here) Nana looks to be the picture of youthful innocence.

A delightful performance of Bob Dylan’s “Farewell Angelina” in French.

Yes, yes, I know, the lyrics are vaguely … communistic, but“Je chante avec toi liberté” (see English lyrics here) is a slice of European culture that can be appreciated for its own sake.

The haunting “Aranjuez mon amour”.

Nana Mouskouri’s celestial voice and Schubert’s classic “Ave Maria” are a match made in heaven. This video supplies a perfect backdrop: the Catholic landscape of Rome and Venice.


5 thoughts on “Nana Mouskouri

  1. That was marvelous, Joshua. Thanks for linking this. I can’t get over how drastically our culture has changed for the worst in just 40 or 50 short years. Will we ever again see a popular female singer in modest and feminine dress? Will there ever be another real love song on the radio?


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